Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Program Eligibility
  2. How It Works
  3. Member Profile and Account
  4. Offers and Invites
  5. Writing and Submitting Reviews
  6. Contact
  7. Code of Conduct
  8. Influenster Transition
  9. COVID-19 Notice

1. Program Eligibility

  1. Members must follow the Writing Guidelines and adhere to Bazaarvoice's Authenticity Policy to submit timely, authentic reviews for all products received.
  2. Members cannot sell, exchange / return for money any products received through the sampling program. Products should never be selected with the intent to resell.
  3. Members cannot have more than one account per person, nor can they operate an account on behalf of someone else.
  4. No more than two (2) member accounts are allowed at the same household.
  5. Members cannot give possession of the products to any other person outside of their household. Family or friends that do not live at your household cannot receive your products. Products should never be selected with the intent to gift or give away.
  6. Members must be at least 18 years of age and agree / follow the program Terms of Use and Rules of Conduct.
  7. Members must live within the contiguous United States (excluding Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico).
  8. Members must have a complete profile, including a valid shipping address and phone number. We cannot support shipments to P.O. Boxes so a full street address is required.

2. How It Works

What is the TryIt Sampling Community?
Brands and retailers value authentic reviews about their products, and so do other customers. The TryIt Sampling Community gives you the opportunity to try free products in exchange for your honest opinion, in an effort to help consumers make more informed purchase decisions.
How does the program work?
  • Receive your invitation and register by filling out your member profile
  • Receive notification when an offer is available, then log in to your TryIt Sampling account and select your product(s)
  • Product arrives at your provided address
  • TryIt! - try the product and let us know what you think
  • Enjoy your product - it's yours to keep!
  • Be on the lookout for future offers

3. Member Profile and Account

Why does the registration form / member profile request information about me?
The personal information in your profile will be used for TryIt Sampling program administration only. We will curate offers based on the information provided in your member profile and share your confirmed shipping address and contact information with our brand partners for the purpose of shipping products you've selected. The Bazaarvoice Privacy Policy applies to your participation in the TryIt Sampling Community and describes our practices regarding collection and use of personal information.
How do I change or update information in my member profile?
You can login to your account and use the "Update Your Profile" link in the Your Account section to update your member profile at any time. Please make sure to keep your information up to date.
How many accounts can I have at the same household?
Only one user account is permitted per person. We allow up to two user accounts per household. This is intended for an immediate family member or someone else living in your home. You cannot have more than two accounts associated to the same mailing address nor can you operate an account for anyone other than yourself.
How do I remove myself from the TryIt Sampling Community?
If you choose to no longer participate in the TryIt Sampling Community, please login to your account and use the "Delete Your Account" link in the Your Account section.

4. Offers and Invites

How do you decide who gets invited to offers?
Offers to try products are based on your interests and preferences indicated in your profile, along with past program participation. Be sure to carefully complete all your questions in the member profile and follow the writing guidelines when submitting reviews to be in good standing.
When am I able to request a product?
You will receive a TryIt offer email notifying you when a product is available for selection. When the product selection window is open, eligible members can browse and select available products. Quantities are limited and available first come, first served.
How many offers should I expect to receive?
We cannot guarantee the number of offers you will receive. This depends on a variety of different factors such as product availability, campaign targeting etc. While we can't guarantee offers, we encourage you to keep your profile up to date and make sure you leave timely reviews, as this will increase your likelihood of being invited to try a product.
Please do not contact us about offer requests or your membership standing. As mentioned, we do not guarantee offers and requesting to be included in offers will jeopardize your membership.
What if I receive an offer that I can't use or am not interested in?
Rest assured - no one will be removed from the TryIt Sampling Community program for lack of selecting products. Only select products that you are interested in trying and reviewing. If you can't use an offer, please do not select a product and leave the products for other members who are able to use them. You will only be in jeopardy of losing your TryIt Sampling privileges if you do not review the products you receive.
Can I give products I receive from TryIt Sampling to my friends and family?
All products you receive are meant for you to test. We allow product selection on behalf of someone in your household, such as an immediate partner or child; however, you may not give products to anyone living outside of your household.
Can I sell, exchange or gift products?
No, members are not allowed to resell, exchange or gift a product received through TryIt Sampling either online or offline. If a member is found to be selling or exchanging products, membership will be terminated immediately.
How do I return / cancel / modify my requests?
Returns are not supported within this website. You are able to cancel or change your product selection during the offer period, but not when the offer has closed. By selecting an offer, you are agreeing to try and review the product you receive. Refusing shipment will result in account deletion.
Where can you ship TryIt Sampling products?
We only support shipments within the contiguous United States at this time; excluding Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico. Unfortunately, we cannot ship to P.O. Boxes, so a full street address is required.
How long will it take for me to receive a product to review once I request it?
Vendors typically ship items within 2 weeks of the end of the offer, but it could take up to 4-6 weeks for your product to arrive. You should receive your product(s) within 5-7 business days after the product has shipped and you can view your order status by visiting your TryIt Sampling Account Page. If there is a delay in shipment, you will receive an email notifying you of the delay.
Do I need to return the item after reviewing it?
No. TryIt Sampling products are yours to keep!

5. Writing and Submitting Reviews

Where do I post my review?
  1. When it is time to submit your review, we will send you an email specific to the products you sampled, with a direct link to a review submission form.
  2. Another method is to log into your TryIt Sampling account to see the list of products you have received. You will see a "Write a Review" button next to any product you haven't reviewed yet.
Please follow the TryIt Writing Guidelines when submitting your review.
How quickly do I need to post my review?
We will send review reminder emails when it is time to post your review, but we encourage you to post review(s) once you have thoroughly used or tested the product. Failure to submit timely reviews will impact your membership in the program.
Am I required to write reviews about all TryIt Sampling Community products I select?
Yes. Authentic reviews are very important in helping shoppers make a buying decision. To maintain membership, you will need to review all of the products you receive. Please be sure to follow the TryIt Writing Guidelines when submitting your review to ensure you remain eligible for future offers.
Do members have to write positive reviews to participate?
No. We expect our members to write unbiased, honest and authentic reviews. All reviews will be posted unedited, regardless of whether they are favorable or not. There is no pressure or expectation to write positive reviews, and negative reviews do not affect membership in the program.
What if I didn't receive my product or have an issue with the product when it is time to leave my review?
If you have an issue with your product or product delivery, please do not submit this feedback in your review submission. Instead, contact us with any customer service issues using the Contact Us link under Your Account and we will help to resolve so you can leave an authentic review on your product experience.
Are reviews collected through the TryIt Sampling Community labelled differently?
Yes. To ensure authenticity, any reviews gathered through this program are badged to signify a free product was received. You do not need to mention receiving a free product in your review.
Do TryIt Sampling Community members get paid for writing reviews?
No. Members are not paid to participate in the program, nor are they paid to write reviews.

6. Contact

Have a question?
Contact us if you have general questions about the TryIt Sampling Program.
Please do not contact us for the following reasons as this will jeopardize your eligibility in the program:
  1. Requests to be included in more offers.
  2. Requests for membership invitations.
  3. Inquiries about your membership standing.
    1. Program activity and review completion rate can be found in the member dashboard. Leaving authentic, timely reviews for all products received will help keep your account in good standing.
  4. Messages regarding activity within sampling related social media groups, chat rooms or forums.
    1. The TryIt Sampling Community is not affiliated with outside social media groups and does not endorse any postings made in chat rooms, forums or other social groups. If you choose to take part in these groups, please do not contact us regarding activity and posts in these groups.
Messages pertaining to these topics will not be answered.

7. Code of Conduct

  1. Keep communication with our support team professional. You will not harass, be rude, or use profanities and/or derogatory language when contacting our support team.
  2. Be authentic, honest and mindful when participating in the program. This includes your member profile, offer selections, and review submissions. Please answer all questions in your profile truthfully, and only select offers you are able and interested in trying. Be authentic and honest when submitting reviews for products you've tried.
  3. You are welcome to contact our support team with questions; however, members are not allowed to abuse the right to contact the support team. Please be patient, do not submit multiple follow-up messages while waiting for a response, and read our responses thoroughly. Not doing so will be considered abusive messaging.
  4. You will not cheat or fake our system. This includes creating and/or maintaining multiple accounts, running someone else's account, or including false information in your account.

8. Influenster Transition

Why are you moving TryIt campaigns to Influenster?
In addition to providing more types of sampling opportunities for our members, the Influenster platform will allow us to curate all kinds of content for our sampling brands in addition to product reviews - anything from posts on Instagram and Facebook to TikTok videos!
Will my history transfer to my Influenster account? Do I have to use the same email address I use for TryIt?
Although you will not be able to view your TryIt history in your Influenster account, it will be used to identify you as a valued member of our sampling community and help us target members into the right campaigns. You aren’t required to use the same email address as you do with TryIt, but we recommend that you do so that we can identify you as a TryIt member.
Do I have to connect my social accounts and post on social media to participate?
While connecting your social accounts could result in eligibility for more offers, you are not required to do so.
Will I receive as many offers as I do now?
We cannot guarantee the number of offers you will receive. This depends on a variety of different factors such as product availability, campaign targeting etc. While we can't guarantee offers, we encourage you to keep your profile up to date and make sure you complete your tasks in Influenster campaigns, as this will increase your likelihood of being invited to try a product.
How will I know if I get invited to an Influenster campaign?
You will receive a notification via email and/or from the app letting you know a campaign is available on your Influenster dashboard. Be sure that you have notifications enabled by following these steps in the Influenster app:
  • Tap on the "Profile" icon in the lower right corner
  • Tap on the "Settings" icon in the upper right corner
  • Tap on “Notifications” and toggle the “Push” and “Email” notification buttons to allow one or both types of notifications.
You will need to log into your Influenster account to request a product, which will be on a limited, first-come, first-serve basis, just like TryIt.
When will TryIt go away?
We do not have an exact date for when the TryIt program will be retired, but we expect more and more campaigns to be run in Influenster over the next several months as we complete the transition.
Can I participate on a website instead of with an app?
Although you can register and complete your profile on the website (, you will only be able to participate in sampling campaigns and complete activities using the app.
Where can I learn more about Influenster?
For more information about how Influenster works, please visit the "FAQs" section under "Settings" in the Influenster app or visit
How do I sign up for an Influenster account?
You can register directly at or within the Influenster app, which you can download from your preferred app store.

9. COVID-19 Notice

Due to COVID-19 you may experience shipping delays on products you've requested from this program. We will proactively let you know if any of the campaigns you've participated in will be affected. You may receive automated emails reminding you to write a review on these products. Please disregard these messages. There's no need to contact us if we have already informed you about a shipping delay.
Please keep in mind that we expect reviews to be written on all products you receive. If you are uncomfortable receiving packages at this time, you can choose to not participate in upcoming campaigns by not selecting a product at no risk to your membership. We understand If you are temporarily unable to review a product, and we will allow for extra time to submit reviews. There's no need to reach out to us to let us know your review will be delayed. Thanks for your help in keeping our member support team focused on requests that need quick resolution. We value your participation and look forward to your reviews!